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Jul 26, 2004

Another Librarian/Interface Designer/Human Against Bush

I may be a bit late on the meme for this one, but you should check out the Librarians Against Bush blog. Great stuff.

On that note, this librarian saw a great yardsign this afternoon on the way back from a meeting. Below the usual "Bush must go" slogan, someone had penciled in "F#$% himself!" Ithaca is such a great town.

Jul 2, 2004

Know any blind folks?

I do. My dad has been legally blind since birth, and he has lots to say on the subject. So for Father's Day this year, I set up the website to house his pithy sayings. All proceeds go to my dad's ham radio equipment fund. Which is good, because ham radio keeps him off the streets and out of the Blind-guy gangs.

On a related note, I was researching blindness-related stuff online to make sure I didn't accidentally rip off someone else's idea, and I was shocked, SHOCKED, to realize that although there are about 50 gajillion good listservs and websites out there dedicated to disability issues, there are absolutely no smart-assed t-shirts on the subject. Having been in the smart-assed t-shirt business for a few years, I can say without reservation that this absence, this DEARTH, is a shame. A damn shame.

If you've ever met any blind guys, and believe me, I've met a few, you will have noticed that they are the most hilarious, snarky, black-humor-guzzling gang out there. Just ask someone to tell you the one about the nuns and the blind guy...