Librarian Avengers

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Dec 21, 2004

Tonton Fever

It's like frikkin' Hoth out there. I went out at lunch to sweep out the dead bees from our beehive and chip the ice out of their entrance. They were fine, but I swear I saw an imperial probe droid out behind the barn.

Dec 7, 2004


I have a crush. On the Boston Public Library. Don't tell Tompkins County, ok?

I was on the way to replenish my supply of cardigans and sensible shoes at the Anthropologie store on Boylston Street, when I happened across the Boston Public Library. Our eyes met across the line of cabs and homeless men, and a shiver went through me. I had encountered the Library on a previous visit, but hadn't noticed the sexy inscription on its side:

"The commonwealth requires the education of the people as the safeguard of order and liberty"

When I got home, I e-stalked the Boston Public Library. A quick conversation with the Mass 24/7 librarian revealed that the inscription was written by the library's Board of Trustees. Wow! A hot library that still gets along with its parents. Not bad.

Dec 3, 2004

Open letter to Ms.

Dear Ms. Magazine online store,
Yes, I completely agree. Conservative Supreme Court appointees make me dyspeptic. Your online letter-writing service has on many occasions helped me send acerbic emails to my elected representatives. I appreciate your need to raise funds. But do you need to send me fifteen identical emails promoting your new online store? I will never be that interested in Wonder Woman notebooks. It seems that every time I log in to your political action webpage I sign myself up for another helping of pro-woman spam. Granted, it makes for a nice change of pace, but I could do without.

Your friend,
-Librarian Avenger

Dec 2, 2004

That explains it.

I've been feeling kind of down lately. Maybe it's the almost daily rain. Maybe it's the sun setting at 4:30 every day. Or maybe it's my To Do list:

- Call insurance company about bill
- Deposit checks at bank
- Pull file cabinet out of closet & transfer files
- Mail receipts for health care savings account

Yes, these are all indicators of a successful life. Health care, income, organization. Still, looking at this list makes me want to travel back to a few years ago when I solved beaurocratic problems by ignoring them, and all my important papers were stored in a pile under a copy of the Norton Anthology of Poetry.