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Jun 4, 2004

Copyright, birds, and Mystery Chemicals.

What a beautful way to violate copyright... (from Lawrence Lessig)

I saw a kingfisher, three baby geese, and a little green heron today at work. My job rules. I also got two free meals, and was told that a cd cover I designed was "infinitely beautiful." My job rules. Did I mention that my job rules?

Do any of you chemists out there know what Phenylalnine is? It's in my Diet Pepsi.


At June 26, 2004 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm not a chemist... but I am a librarian, and this website may be useful to you:

Best wishes, Amy Proni

At June 29, 2004 , Blogger Erica said...

Thanks Amy! Wow, aspertame isn't so toxic after all. Plus it's a handy source of Phenylalnine! Unless, of course, you have an allergy to Phenylalnine, in which case you should probably make for the honey.

Nice weblog, by the way. Chris and I also went to see Farenheit 9/11 this weekend, only to be greeted by a sold-out theater. Ruddy Ithaca and its population of hippies. Can't get near the thing.

At July 11, 2004 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

some alternative links


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