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Mar 31, 2005

Stay right there.

My parents visited this weekend, bringing birthday presents with them. As usual, these gifts were thoughtful, appropriate, kind, and Extremely Heavy.

It all started in a few years ago. I had recently moved to Ann Arbor, Michigan for graduate school, and had increased my distance from "home" by about 30 minutes. Ever-supportive, my parents would pile in the car on weekends and we would all have lunch at Zingermans. However, the holidays revealed an unusual pattern. Instead of the usual paperbacks and gift certificates, I started receiving Very Heavy Things. A leaded glass picture frame weighing about 15 pounds. Hardbacked reference books. Anvils.

My latest move to Ithaca has upped the ante. The trip is now eight hours long, and for my birthday this year I received a pair of six ton jack stands and an iron tea kettle. I suspect this will be followed by an armoire and a set of shotputs.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, my parents are slowly building an anchor. Soon I will be forced to remain, tethered to my home by a series of carefully-placed items too heavy to fit in the moving van.


At March 31, 2005 , Anonymous Chad said...

You always have been an amusing dear, deer-in-the-headlights.

At April 05, 2005 , Blogger nichole said...

Wow. Did your parents talk to my mom? Cuz she once gave me a cast-iron skillet to take back to school on the Greyhound, just before I had to move my carless self across town with a Kroger's cart.

At April 06, 2005 , Blogger Anna said...

Hm... That explains the several boxes of stuff that my mother has collected for me and didn't inform me of until after I moved across the country. Now I take two suitcases home with me so that I can return with the contents of a box in one of them. If she doesn't give me any more stuff, I'll have everthing moved in a year or two.


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