book cover My local comic book guy recommended this. I trust him because he has a huge fluffy dog and digs David Mack. I bought the first trade paperback and became so addicted that I am now spending $10/week there getting caught up on all of the issues. Curse your impeccable taste, comic book guy!!!

Transmetropolitan is, first, not work-safe. Librarians: keep this out of the children’s section or be prepared to mop up the exploded heads of your more conservative patrons. Transmetropolitan follows the adventures of gonzo journalist Spider Jerusalem as he stomps through a futuristic distopia filled with two-faced smoking cats, Ebola Cola, and incredibly creative profanity. You’ll love it.

5 Replies to “Transmetropolitan”

  1. To me, my filthies!

    I’m counting the days till grad & paying work partly so I can finally buy the rest of Transmet. And a disruptor gun. Warren Ellis does some other good stuff too; quite liked Global Frequency.

  2. His Badsignal email weblog thingie (used as a technical term here) is hilarious. The man writes A LOT….about tons of stuff.
    And Transmet is an acid trip without having to touch hard drugs.
    Highly Recommend this one for discerning readers and larger libraries.

  3. Best comic ever. Touches on a lot of political and ethical issues. Spider expresses a view many share, yet too few vocalize.

  4. my ex loved transmetropolitan so much he was considering getting a tattoo. i’ve picked up a few issues a while back and liked them. i dig the guys glasses. spacy.

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