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The worst part about this post is that I pretty much just lifted it from an email to a friend. Don’t tell, ok? Bad blogger.

I’m running around with alligators hanging from my ankles this week. The work-related travel starts Saturday, so Things Must Be Prepared. Stuff Must Get Done. The NSDL waits for no man.

I have this fantasy where I sit in a hip London sushi joint upgrading this site whilst eavesdropping on conversations in a variety of awesome UK dialects. That’s my idea of a good time. It could happen.

We cleaned our gutters this weekend. I made bread and soup. I created a JSP interface for tying item-level records to their associated subassets. I brushed the cat. I tried to teach my friends’ daughter to say "mop" like the trashcan droid in star wars.

Life in Ithaca is domestic and lovely.

I’m also reading a Great Long Book  Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell.
My favorite quote, which reminds me of the much-mentioned view outside my window:
"In winter the barren trees shall be a black writing but they shall not understand it"

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  1. I really loved this book. I was reading a lot about good folk folklore at the time and I watched howl’s moving castle and it all seemed to tie in

  2. It’s one of those books that you never want to end, and it doesn’t. Susanna Clarke captures the feeling and charm of Jane Austin. The fantasy stuff isn’t cloying or childish. This book will be around for awhile.

  3. My husband bought that last year and never read it… it’s lived on my book shelf since and I keep thinking, “I should read that.” I suppose now I really should.

    At least it’ll last me a few days, eh? I’ve come across so many recommendations on this one of late.

  4. What a great book you’ve happened upon! I read it earlier this year and then again out loud (all but the longest footnotes!). It reads very well, unlike many books which are cleverlyw ritten but just don’t flow.

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