Cat and Girl on Vertical Files

I like Dorothy’s Donation Derby almost as much as I like her comic Cat and Girl. If you send her money, she does a small drawing to show how she spent it. The result is an autobiographical comic blog with snippets of funny dialogue and moments from her life. Today there was a library mention that will be funny to anyone who still maintains vertical files. Don’t we have computers for that? I spent a good chunk of my life cutting out newspapers for the wonderfully eclectic American Radicalism & Popular Culture vertical files when I was an undergrad at Michigan State University. If you ever happen to be in East Lansing researching representations of Grant Wood’s American Gothic in advertising, MSU’s got yer back. We never got into any screaming matches either.

One Reply to “Cat and Girl on Vertical Files”

  1. I’m in love with this thing now. Funny how the Demolition Derby is so much better than the regular strip. Maybe I’m just more into handwritten stuff.

    If you feel like explaining, what’s all that about folding up the articles? I worked in a library once and I never saw anything like that.

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