As a middle-aged mom, I’m contractually obligated to spend 10% of my week repinning things on Pinterest. Librarian Avengers has benefited, since there are plenty of librarians running around posting cool stuff that I can point at. It’s certainly simpler than actually creating original content.

Therefore, in support of the gender-disproportionate ladynerds at Pinterest’s main headquarters up the road, enjoy my Librarian Avengers board:

  • Professional Library
  • And book cart drill
  • Project clipshelf -
  • So awesome!!
  • Lacuna, A Public Art
  • murder in the librar
  • The Librarian Who St
  • Professional Library
  • Professional Library
  • Professional Library
  • Central
  • Course List for Rupe
  • Playhouse at the Iow
  • working the word fie
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