Snowed In!

Three feet of snow rolled into town yesterday. Two of them landed on the ground, and the other foot is just blowing all over the place. People are walking backwards by my window because of the wind, but from my indoor perspective next to an overactive heat register it’s just beautiful. I’m going to bring my sled in to work tomorrow and sled home.

Today is the annual Holiday party. I’m going to have to go home and change, because I forgot and wore jeans today, which isn’t normally a big deal since the only humans I see at work are also in jeans, but in the context of a university-wide soiree, might be seen as a bit skuzzy. The thing is, what with the three feet of snow and all, I’m not sure what else to wear. I’m not one of those women who owns sixteen pairs of lined woolen slacks. I was planning on doing a bit of work clothes shopping after the break, but right now its either jeans, cargo pants, or a skirt. And the skirt is right out. Do other people have these problems?