The librarian vote

I set all of my clocks back an hour last night, which was fine, but I forgot to reset the cat. He woke me up this morning at 6am by doing an extemporaneous tap dance on my head.


Tap tap!

Tapetty tap tap POUNCE!

Purr, purr, shuffle-toe, purr purr POUNCE!

The other cat, by the way, the rescued-from-a-tree one, was given the boot after a short incident where he violently reconfigured my hand. Since the last potential owner fell through, we decided to put the thug outside, hopefully to return to whence he came.

I’m going to be an election inspector tomorrow. That means I’ll be one of the people who checks off your name in the book and gives you the little “I voted” sticker. There will be no spurious vote challenges on my watch. Grr, I say! Grr. F334 my l33t voter-facillitation skillz!

Actually, the whole thing is rather librarianish. I got this nice reference packet during my training, that explains the whole process. I get to inform voters of their rights, handle long lines, and if someone is in the wrong polling place, I research where they should go. It’s going to be a 16-hour shift, but it’ll keep me from frantically checking the internet all day, and I’ll actually be doing something to help make sure this all goes right.

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  1. Now that it’s cold and dark in the mornings, Sidney just wants to lounge. She lies in bed for a good half hour after I get up- it’s not until I reach for my jacket and she thinks there might be a chance to escape out the door does she actually drag herself out of her comforter nest.

    At least you won’t be late for work. :)


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