I have a crush. On the Boston Public Library. Don’t tell Tompkins County, ok?

I was on the way to replenish my supply of cardigans and sensible shoes at the Anthropologie store on Boylston Street, when I happened across the Boston Public Library. Our eyes met across the line of cabs and homeless men, and a shiver went through me. I had encountered the Library on a previous visit, but hadn’t noticed the sexy inscription on its side:

The commonwealth requires the education of the people as the safeguard of order and liberty

When I got home, I e-stalked the Boston Public Library. A quick conversation with the Mass 24/7 librarian revealed that the inscription was written by the library’s Board of Trustees. Wow! A hot library that still gets along with its parents. Not bad.

11 Replies to “Crush.”

  1. Best library in Boston, the reading room is a treasure, just go up and gawk; or spend a summer evening watching the color of the sky change as the lights come on. I’ve been in the really exclusive private libraries around Boston and I’m proud the BPL belongs to me, us, the people. The inscription on the library in Fall River is ‘the people’s university’.

  2. The Ithaca public library is nice, but the old building of the Boston Public Library is amazing. My mom worked there in the 1950s and told me that it was originally an Italian palace brough over in pieces. One step in the main door, and I could believe it. She also said that there used to be a section with glass floors, to add more light. The very best thing about it is that even with all the beautiful frescos and woodwork and high ceilings, it still functions as it should. Kudos to them, and a place I highly recommend visiting when in Boston.

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