Fonty goodness

I’m shopping for fonts this morning. I work in a library with a font budget. Life is good. I’m torn between Saint Louis and Bodega Serif.

Slow wave is a comic strip made out of people’s dreams. Here’s a librarian one.

Incidentally, this morning I had a dream that I visited a petting zoo in Mexico which housed the Cheshire Cat.

4 Replies to “Fonty goodness”

  1. Thursday Next literary detective – word super hero! Everyone who can read between lines needs to know about her. With the greatest respect to the avenger from MsInformation
    P.S. Don’t forget to check out the Goliath corp and Toast Marketing Council pages in his site – EAT TOAST: IT’S TOASTY!

  2. Hi RG- I don’t know from Jasper Fforde, should I?

    Scott – we went with Bodega. I love it, but Final Cut Pro is gagging on the PostScript file. Curses!

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