New Years Resolutions

  • Eat more stinky cheese.
  • Redesign the website. Get some content. Get the forums up. (whip cracking sounds)
  • Send more weird haiku-filled postcards.
  • Quit with the crushingly high self-expectations already.
  • Edit more of Chinamike’s book. Be faster. Much faster.
  • More dancing.
  • Stop doing that Midwestern thing where I feel compelled to explain the motivation behind my every action. (New me: “I am going to watch this DVD.” Old me: “I feel like I have done enough work today and my right knee is kind of hurting, so I think I will put this DVD in and watch it that is unless anyone minds?”)
  • Get over it.
  • Take free Cornell classes. One per semester! Scottish literature! Hooray!
  • Stop eating stinky cheese in my small shared office.
  • Visit Erin and George in San Francisco.
  • Call my grandma at lunch at least once a week.
  • Stop negatively comparing myself to David Foster Wallace.
  • Get involved in local board of elections and make them change their shitty signs and poorly designed voting material.
  • When confronted with religious zelotry, aggressively sing showtunes

3 Replies to “New Years Resolutions”

  1. Ooh, stinky cheese — you can never have enough of that stuff. Just don’t try beer cheese; it’s nasty!

  2. I found your blog by referencing the Anthropologie store to current blogs, in case you were wondering.

    I love the showtunes response!! Works like a charm. Have you ever considered becoming a duck? (fav NY’er cartoon)
    Good Resolutions!!
    Very Sylvia but, in a good way!!

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