Cartography Tricks

Maps are fun. Especially obedient maps. This blog catalogs some of the nifty things people have done with the Google Maps API. (from boing boing)

Here’s a trick. A couple of years ago, I moved to Ithaca, NY. It’s a good place to live.
Here’s Google’s map listing the Sushi restaurants in Ithaca:
For contrast, here’s a map showing the sushi restaurants in my hometown of Flint, Michigan:
{crickets chirp}
Now look what happens when you search in Flint for “Guns”:
Thanks everybody, next show’s at nine. I’ll be here all week.

8 Replies to “Cartography Tricks”

  1. Seen enough?
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  2. Do you think that it could be a problem with the mapping program and not a problem with Flint? Corner of Linden and Corunna Roads. It’s called Sagano; it’s damn good, and I bet it’s a lot cheaper than anyplace in Ithaca. Sushi on me next time you’re home, hope things are swell, Joel

  3. I would like to contact you for an article I am researching, but everytime I click on the “contact” link, it causes my Internet Explorer to crash.

  4. But what about the gun places in Ithaca? I’ve heard those Cornell grad students can be a bit rough!

  5. When somebody climbs in through your bathroom window at three AM which would you rather have in your hand, a gun, or a raw fish?

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