I grant you

I’ve spent an enjoyable afternoon poking around the web looking for grants. I now present you with a braindump of the grant-ese that is currently swirling around in my skull. Mix n’ Match! Build your own funding agency! Try writing an abstract that uses all of the following words:

  • Effective
  • Develop
  • Partnership
  • Nationwide
  • Resources
  • Model
  • Exellence
  • Best practices
  • Community learning
  • Innovative learning
  • Digital
  • Enhance
  • Integrate
  • Standards
  • Collaboration
  • Institutional

3 Replies to “I grant you”

  1. Last week I submitted my first grant for the Library (for funding for Computer instruction materials and a computer tutor). My director gave me the assignment, and helped me out in the writing of the tome. After a quick web search, I found a grant-writing workshop through PLAN (Florida), to which she is willing to send me.

    IT gives one a feeling of satisfaction to actually submit a completed Grant application, of course, this will be multiplied ten-fold if we get it!


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