Puppies and kitties are the antidote for midday sloth

Puppies and kitties rescued from New Orleans will make your day. I went to the humane society today on my lunch break to pet the cats because of these photos. Now I’m scraping cathair off of my sweater with scotch tape.

In other news, Chris and I will be gracing Ann Arbor with our presence next Thursday through Sunday for the annual School of Information CIC Thingamajig. We’re driving straight to Earthen Jar and are not coming out until they run out of that lovely cauliflower-and-curry thing. If you are in Ann Arbor, I want to see you. That means you Alexandra. And you Mihir. And you, whoever else is in town that I don’t know about.

4 Replies to “Puppies and kitties are the antidote for midday sloth”

  1. Hey Rikhei! Hey David Carter! We should go to Ashley’s or somewhere Saturday night and make fun of SI…I haven’t made fun of SI in ages, and I miss it!

  2. Too bad you can’t come this weekend too, for the IPL thing-a-ma-jig. Although it looks as though they’ll be streaming the entire thing online, so you can watch it all from the comfort of your own desk chair. Won’t be the same though :(

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