A New Line of Librarian Action Figures

I got a catalog in the mail the other day advertising the new deluxe version of the Librarian Action Figure. She comes with a book truck, and some extra books. Nice.

Still, I think there should be a whole line of librarian action figures, including one with the earlier, discarded, exploding bun feature.

Lightning-fast reference is an obvious Librarian Superpower, as well as maybe, oh, I dunno, Willingness to Dedicate One’s Life to the Good of Others. But I don’t know how you would turn that into a pushbutton feature…unless you push the button and she detaches her head and offers it to you.

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  1. Yeah….the more I think about it….”Unshelved” action figures. I could go for that.

    Bill and Gene: are you listening?


  2. #7, oh, yeah, right on!

    Giles is a good one, I haven’t been able to find his AF yet, just Buffy and Angel.

    With all the STAR WARS AF’s how come the Galactic Librarian hasn’t been made? Not that she was a good role model, mind, but she was STILL a librarian in Star Wars!

    #4, Unshelved has some great “Library” FBI type hats and jackets….maybe an AF wearing these? With dark glasses and a PDA!

  3. Ages ago, when the Barbie Librarian issue was brewing, I started thinking that I want a whole set of librarian action figures, all to the same scale.
    I’ve got Giles from Buffy the Vampire Slayer (and they’re now making a library playset, too). I still need Nancy Pearl. There are commercial Batgirl/Oracle figures out there.
    I was never able to find out if they made an action figure of Evie from “The Mummy”
    But what I really covet would be a Bunny Watson figure.

  4. Have an animation student in mind, if he isn’t too burnt out from finals will see if available for action figure.

  5. Better yet: since FBI-ass-kicking radical militant librarians are now above the wire (heehee) gonna get a hat made at the mall: in some uber-gothic script – if they can do that for hats-
    HX261 [lc call# for anarchism/resistance to government] with “radical militant librarians for sanity” or some such on the brim. or buttons or something.

  6. Oh hell yeah. Samurai meter stick! Can you draw? Can anyone here draw? Send me a sketch dammit. This would make a killer t-shirt. I’ll split the profits with ya…I’ll bet you could use a shiny new five dollar bill.

  7. Action figure? i don’t think so. this thing makes me tired, altho they are great on the skeet range. a true librarian action figure would have a costume: a visor( not hornrims), steel-toe stealth shoes, samurai meter stick, #5 nanotube carbon pencil projectors. Make it in male and female versions (or something androgynous like the old Aeonflux cartoon), or have a sidekick (LIBTEK?) who can provide support from the atomo-turbo powered camo book truck with remote sort & shelve fucntions. comes equipped with wifi and mp3 player for npr podcasts and text display on the visor.
    THAT’s an action figure.

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