One sentence movie review – Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

This movie, with its fantastic effects, original cinematography, and great directing has convinced me to forgive the franchise completely for all of those spiders in the second film.

Ok, I can’t restrain myself to one sentence. Believe it or not, I liked the latest Harry Potter movie even more than the book. For me, these days, the sign of a good action-adventure film is one with absolutely no Grab-my-hand scene, and very little Escape-in-front-of-the-fireball. There was one minor Escape-in-front-of-the-fireball incident, but since Harry’s butt caught fire in an amusing way, I choose to overlook it. There was lots of great, original stuff in this movie, and very little of the cliched crud that littered up the last few films.

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  1. I totally agree with your thoughts on Goblet of Fire. I couldn’t get into the book at all, but the movie did a great job covering the important parts of the book while cutting Rowlings excess (House Elf Liberation?). I was so jazzed about the movie that I found one of my 5th graders to talk a little Potter. I am a media specialist for a K-6 school. This setting leads to some iteresting talk on the series.

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