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  1. well, they would more likely be similar to my home computer in re: to my personal and mp3 files:


  2. Hi everyone. For those who didn’t get the joke, congratulations. You have probably been going out into the sunshine and getting exercise rather than watching Dr. Who. Go forth and celebrate your mental health.

    I was, of course, referring to the DVD jukeboxes’ eerie similarity to evil nasty fictional Daleks. Here’s a good photo for comparison.

    Simon – yeppers, we used to keep our largeass sound collection on DVD, but dropping cpu prices means our entire collection is now housed on spinning disk. Go us. For agonizing detail, go here and here.

    Yes, yes. I know the British Library is amazing. Stop rubbing it in. We have mink here, though. And muskrats.

  3. Hello, Erica,

    Me again.

    Sorry, delete most of my first comment, I forgot you have an audio collection. (Hangs head in shame as the rest of the STI team warm their hands about my red face).


    (STI = Science, Technology & Industry) – but you know the BL is multi-faceted, having been here.

  4. Hello, Erica,

    Happy New Year from the BL (bit late, sorry).

    I can see 8 jukeboxes in the picture (I like the ‘Dalek’ additions, by the way).

    My experience is that these are karaoke jukeboxes, which hold 500 disks each.

    Do you really have 4,000 disks? I assume that they are your journals in electronic form, but that’s still a relatively small amount.

    The only alternative I can think of is patents on disk – but surely you would have access to the WIPO- & EPO- sites, anyway.

    I assume you are intimidated by the software needed to run them and that the room they are in is cooled (or is it that you don’t want to sing along with the music?).


  5. Were those DVD jukeboxes? I haven’t seen one. Cool, I wonder why you’re intimidated with them; I did not get the point, Sorry.

  6. Yes it is. I guess you’re lucky to live so close to Canada that you can get it. Unlike most USAians.

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