Trash for Christmas

I’m back, and am the proud new owner of a headlamp! If anyone wants to go dumpstering with me this weekend, send an email. I’m well-equipped. If you think dumpster diving sounds horrible and gross, here’s a good, well thought-out discussion of the topic, along with some great examples of what you can find. Being filth-averse, I tend to stick to non-food dumpsters and recycle bins. Also, here’s a link to an interesting California legal precedent which might help with the police if you ever get caught. Librarians: this is a great way to aquire new books…as long as you aren’t picky about things like covers. .

8 Replies to “Trash for Christmas”

  1. They closed the free-standing Barnes and Noble in town, where I used to get most of my paperback reading. All we have is the mall store. Can’t dumpster dive there because of the type of dumpster.

    Major bummer!

  2. Belated response to Tuffy’s comment – the pretentious trashcan is common on the streets of Englandland where we emblazon a borough’s coat of arms on Victoriana type street furniture for the full-on heritage experiece for our cultural tourists.

  3. When I was younger I used to dumpster dive on a regular basis. Not once, but TWICE I pulled out a fully functional police scanner.

    My father still has one in his garage and uses it to listen in to Detroit police.

  4. The Border’s dumpster around the corner from Arbor Vitae was great for magazines, if you didn’t mind waiting a week/month/quarter …

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