9 Replies to “Librarians are stressed”

  1. Being a librarian is fun and there is no time to be bored unless you dont use your creativity. Look around your library you will surely find something fun to do.

  2. sheesh, yeah! I work as the cataloger/reference librarian at a small library system that has two branches and a bookmobile. I also sit the front desk two hours a day. I can assure you, there is no time to be bored!

  3. The article says librarians complain of boredom, not using all their talents. Two fixes for this: become a Mum; work in a little, tiny library. Trust me you’ll use talents you didn’t know you had!

  4. I would guess that almost all librarians are meticulous people who have not only a commitment to order, but a real personal aesthetic preference for it.

    For such people to confront the page-corner-turning, doodling, disorganized masses must be a constant source of anxiety.

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