Saved by a librarian!

Thank you to Jenny Benevento, the resourceful librarian who saved me a few seconds ago as I desparately searched for a knife to cut moleskin for my poor beat up feet after a run-in with some sandals last night. It was a pretty weird coincidence, since I was literally in the process of sending Jenny an email about meeting up tonight.

Or maybe it wasn’t a coincidence. I supect the number of librarians carrying useful tools in their bags is significantly higher than you know, normal folks.

7 Replies to “Saved by a librarian!”

  1. On an ordinary day, in my purse (which had to be bought large enough for an average mass-market and/or trade paperback), I have:
    – a pocketknife
    – 2 nail files
    – Shout! Wipes
    – three or more writing utensils of various persuasions
    – makeup
    – gum/mints
    – a lighter
    – a pencil sharpener
    – a bottle of assorted OTC’s: aspirin, aleve, gas-x, cold pills
    – a dart tool
    – a small bat (baseball, not chiroptera)
    – CDs (blanks and pre-recorded)
    – confetti
    – earrings
    – a LightWedge Mini

  2. Blasted airports. They need to lighten up. I mean, security is one thing, but the stuff they ar banning….!

    I don’t know what I’d do without my Gerber Multi-tool.

  3. Wow I really feel like I have done my podiatrist parents proud getting called up in public for this! :)

    I will proudly wear my librarian button to SxSW today! :)

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