Hemingway’s short story collection The Snows of Kilimanjaro

Various dumpster-dived magazines

A guide to bird icon mapping on the Macaulay Library taxonomy tree

Bust Magazine

The DVD liner notes to Veronica Mars season one

Poster design specs for the WWDC conference’s article on electronic voting machines

2 Replies to “Reading”

  1. I KNOW! Isn’t it the BEST?!? I love the bit where the different taxonomies contradict each other and can’t be integrated into a single interactive JavaScript tree. What a page-turner.

  2. wow, i’m ALSO reading A Guide to Bird Icon Mapping on the Macauly Library Taxonomy Tree! I mean, wow, what are the odds? But then again, it’s just such good beach reading. Light, fluffy, trashy. Everything I look for in a summer read.

    Snarkily yours,

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