Food poisoning (Part Two)

One of the things I managed to learn in Librarian School is that you can (and probably should) research everything. So about an hour into The Food Poisoning, I got online and found a bunch of handy tips, which included such things as “drink tons of water” (no matter what happens to it afterward).  The handy tips seem to have helped, and I’ve now worked my way up to drinking ginger tea WITH HONEY. The best part is I can rest assured that I’m vomiting in a reasonable and well-researched way.

4 Replies to “Food poisoning (Part Two)”

  1. That’s sensible research.

    When my buddy crashed his motorcycle in college I told him “No need for doctors, dude. I read this book called ‘Where There is No Doctor’ and it tells you how to handle medical emergencies in Africa using veterinary supplies. Here, let me show you.”

    I don’t know who was the bigger moron; me for thinking I could be a doctor after reading a single book, or him for trusting me to practice medicine using supplies designed for hogs.

  2. LOL. I did much the same when I had a gallstone attack – totally threw the ER people for a loop when I said “oh, yes, that’s what the medical books said I probably have.” What the books (and WebMD) failed to mention — or perhaps I failed to read — was that this was life threatening and I should have gone to hospital hours before I did.

    Glad you’re doing the sensible thing and not dehydrating.

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