It’s hard out here for a digital library interface designer/product manager

Photo by パックマン

10:40pm and I’m still at work.

Science Magazine is publishing a blurb about our library of animal sounds on Thursday. We got an award for second-best “educational interactive”. Yay.

Unfortunately, this means that a huge group of people are going to visit our site.

And our site was, up to a few weeks ago, still half-baked. We’ve got one of those higher education software teams, consisting of five underpaid geeks and a couple of CS students. Ebay, we are not.
These last few weeks have been a blur. Everyone on my team is pulling dot com hours, working for twelve hours on Sundays, and generally being foolish with work-life balance.

Tonight we ate dinner at the mall food court.

The weird part is, I love this.
I love the focus.
I love the commiseration.
I love the feeling of doing something good for the world that I get working at a nonprofit.

But right now, I would really love a beer and some sleep.
Goodnight, all.

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  1. Hey chica,

    I was at work late last night too (though not quite as late as you were) and today and tomorrow I will also be at work quite late… ahh the joy of remote testing a prototype when your users are (literally) on the other side of the world.

    I love this too. And I am also glad that this particular little burst of maddness will be over by Friday.

    How long is your maddness going to last?

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