Hey Kids! Be a Librarian for Halloween

Target sells these INCREDIBLY accurate Librarian Halloween costumes in its online store.

Still, why spend $59.99 on a costume when we librarians can just open our closets and wear one of our many ALA-mandated cape/miniskirt combos?

Not to nitpick, but my book-skirt is a bit longer.

Update: Holy cow. Here’s another one.

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  1. What a great idea to include “safety glasses” with this costume. This will prevent eye injury when the date attaches said pearl necklace.

    marketing at its best =p

  2. Thanks for pointing out this costume! We have had a few people inquire about this librarian costume – seems like mostly college girls want to order this costume?

    Target has a huge selection of costumes this year so if you like putting the costume on before you buy, Target is the way to go.

  3. My friend and I both work at the same library and we are each getting this costume to wear. We are going to dress up her boyfriend and my husband as books! Ha! Maybe the books can be titled “The Joy of Sex”.

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  5. This outfit rocks! I recently left my job as a page at a public library where I worked for over 3 years during high school. I was just wondering what a page could wear? My friends are under the illusion that because I worked in a library I was a librarian so they all call me “Kinkylibrarian”. Would it be fair to let pages wear this? Or maybe we could make a new outfit!!!! Hmmmmm….

  6. I’m on my way to Target now — and I forsee door counts and ref stats going through the roof! Thanks for posting this!

  7. On the topic of librarians being “hot,” I have a true story to relate.

    A few years ago, I went to my usual bar/hangout with my then boyfriend (now husband.) I was talking to a female friend when this guy who also frequented the same bar (we called him “Bug-Eyed Mike” came up to me from behind and said to me, in what was, supposed to be a sexy tone, “You look like a Librarian…” He thought this was a great pick up line.

    When I responded, “I AM a Librarian!” he looked totally shocked and confused and even MORE bug-eyed than before, and ran in the other direction as fast as possible.

    It was too funny not to share! So I shared it with everyone I knew! And now I’ve shared it here, too.

  8. David’s remark re crotchless panties reminds me of the time I attended a Medical Libraries conference at Disneyland. A groupd of us wnet to the local mall(we were captives w/o a car) & stopped in at Frederick’s. There, still wearing my meeting badge) I bought some edible panties. That may have changed some stereotypes of librarians!

  9. Should one wear crotchless panties like they
    sell at Fredericks of Hollywood with this outfit? It might bring PEACE to the Middle East.

  10. You know, if we dressed like this maybe the city council WOULD give us more money. I already feel like we prostitute ourselves anyway…

  11. I purchased this costume over the weekend and some fake pearls. However, I do intend to wear a skirt under the short skirt…haha.

  12. Hmmm… is this outfit what librarians are talking about when they say “Open Access”?

    The skirt made of books is a little bit of the outdated librarian stereotype, I think. The skirt should probably be made of microfiche and the blouse out of RefWorks citations.

  13. Even more amusing (or something, anyway) is the beginning of the description: “You should check out his naughty librarian costume.” *His* costume? In that case, it’s quite a costume.

  14. Oh. My. God. This…this outfit is what I dreamed of wearing when I got my MLS last year! I am so totally buying one. Finally — an outfit that reflects the true image of the Young Adult Librarian!!!

  15. Maybe not as wholesome as Teresa’s story, but I had to stop wearing skirts and heels to work because I was getting propositioned by the male patrons too often. I would never classify myself as hot, nor were my skirts nearly as short at the Naughty Librarian, and I wasn’t wearing 6 inch heels either. Just plain old knee lengh skirts and button down shirts. After about the 6th time of reacting with horror when another patrons asked if he could “tap that”, I just gave up. Now my uniform is dress pants and shirt – haven’t been propositioned once!

  16. I wanted to share this fun anecdote with other librarians – it’s related to the “Image” of the librarian and I know some of you guys are interested in that topic. Please feel free to forward this to your other listservs. I plan to let Rick know that the library world is talking about his comment.
    Being Librarians, you guys are going to love this – true story. I went to Rick Springfield’s show in Tulsa OK last Wednesday 10/4 then to Stafford TX on Friday 10/6. I have this shirt I’ve started to wear to the shows that says “Librarian Loves Rick”
    On Friday, early into the show Rick saw me and pointed & smiled while he sang, then a couple of songs later he actually STOPPED his singing and pointed at me asking “Are you a librarian?” (I nodded yes). Then he said “You know that’s kinda hot. Librarian’s are really hot.” (During the show, he pointed at me a few times and sang to me – I was on the third row).
    So, it’s official – we are hot ok – Rick says so – it must be true right? tehe.
    Does anyone know a listserv where they would be interested in the topic of “Librarian Image.” Let me know. Thanks
    Teresa G. Bocanegra

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  18. From the Target website: “You should check out his naughty librarian costume. Includes a navy blue dress with screen-printed skirt, attached tulle petticoat, shawl, rhinestone glasses and removable “Naughty Librarian” badge. Pearl necklace not included. 100% polyester.”

    Yes! The glasses are included and, no, I’m not going to comment on the “pearl necklace not included” part…

  19. Five years ago I invented a drink named the Naughty Librarian. 2 parts gin; 1 part Frangelico. Shaken and served in a cocktail glass. It is a love-it or hate-it drink. One party attendee said “the naughty librarian kicked my ass!!” and he wasn’t referring to me.

    I think that this costume would be complete with a martini.

  20. As a boy librarian, is it propoer etiquette to shave my legs? I hope the skirt is long enough to cover my manhood (or, in LC-speak, my HQ 76.G7x). Still, if more librarians looked like this…there’d be more ‘shelving’ going on in the stacks.

  21. Not terribly practical for reconnecting PC cables and any other librarian job that involves bending down.

    If only I’d know I was supposed to look like this…

  22. What cracked me up was the link to add this item to your baby registry. Maybe I will, and I’m not even pregnant.

  23. I think I will buy one for each of our library staff to wear on Halloween. I am not sure what our male staff member will wear. Do they have anything for guys?

  24. That’s as accurate as this Night Nurse Costume:

    I too have a similar outfit for all of my night shifts at the hospital. Although, my boobs are real.

  25. OOPS! I was sooooo excited by the idea of wearing this costume that I typed “your” instead of “you’re.”

  26. Is this costume for wearing only when your between the stacks or under the covers (of a good book, of course!)?

  27. It seems that if you are already wearing a nametag that says ‘Naughty Librarian,’ such a revealing skirt is superfluous.

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