Status Report, in metaphorical couplets

fungus.pngMy tenure as couch fungus has ended.
No longer do I contain the churning seas.

I miss my days-long hibernation
I also miss being an overpaid cat-pillow.

Detaching myself from the couch was the hard part.
Since then, everything’s been duck soup.

After two plague-ridden weeks, I returned to work.
It’s much easier to be an office chair fungus.

3 Replies to “Status Report, in metaphorical couplets”

  1. I am glad you are feeling better! I was feeling guilty that I only came down with a mild, 24-hour, illness while you and Chris were felled by the plague…

  2. We saw your re-emergence into the world, we drove behind you down tower road and said Woof back at your bumper sticker. We had 3 sheps on board who also said woof. Third is Hazel, our foster pup, an all-black wiggler who believes that Friendliness is next to Dogliness.

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