Research Obsession: Climate change

I challenge you to play the BBC’s online Climate Challenge game. picture-4.pngIt’s free, fun, and uses Flash, so you don’t have to download anything stupid.

picture-3.pngI learned more about the relative merits of various greenhouse gas reduction techniques by playing this game then I did from four weeks of reading every popular science article I could find on the topic.

picture-2.pngYou are the President of the EU. You have a few years to reduce worldwide greenhouse gas emissions before the gulf stream stops churning and Europe floods and/or plunges into an ice age. Goodbye, Paris. You have a whole bunch of options, but only limited time and money. You also need to avoid plunging your economy into chaos, drought, famine, or poverty.

Go get ’em tiger! Oh, don’t forget to keep your approval rating high enough to stay in office, you tax-raising pinko, you.


2 Replies to “Research Obsession: Climate change”

  1. Thanks for the info Milan – I’m looking forward to reading the tirade. People who write tirades about climate change games are cool.

    I still had fun, though.

    And I now know (a bit more consciously) that there’s a difference between fission and fusion. And that energy is one thing, and greenhouse gas reduction is often another. And that public opinion is a pain in the ass.

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