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  1. Cat and Girl? What an annoying, mind numbingly stupid comic. Not only does it lack subtlety, but rubs me as being written by a total idiot. All that biotch of a girl does is rant and troll. If I were that cat, I would have scratched her throat out. If that failed, I would have scratched my ear drums out. I hate people like that girl sooooooo much. They’re so stupid, and yet they hold themselves in such high esteem. Funny how arrogance and stupidity go hand in hand. Only peons and intellectually-challenged yokels read that kind of pinko trash/lies. Why don’t you go jerk Hilary Clinton and George Bush off…at the *same* time.

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  3. Hi David! You must have seen my friend Val.I used to work with her at The Horrible Place. She’s great. Val was our unoffical office Dr. Phil.

    Good idea about more Guybrarian stuff. I’ve been neglecting der schlock lately. Bad Capitalist! I’m glad you dig the Gaybrarian stuff too. Don’t you love the lgbt-friendly vibe in our profession? My gradschool even has a very active lgbt club: LILA. Of course, there are always those who must be reminded. That’s what the totebags are for!

  4. Greetings from Snowy Sayre,

    I just loved this comic and I am trying to find a tasteful way to display it at my ciculation desk. One of your friends was in today, her name elludes me, she runs the Tioga Point Museum in Athens and recomended your site to me. I just love it. I wish that there were more Guybrarian merchandise, minus the grill. I don’t think I have ever operated a grill before, and have no intentions too. I however did love the Over Educated Queer book tote. I am thinking of ordering one just to raise some eyebrows…

    Keep Up the Good Fight
    A Fellow Librarian Avenger
    Sayre Public Library

  5. Cat and Girl sucks. Don’t waste your money. A 12-year old drunk monkey could do better. Read Snake Pit instead.

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