Amish Pony Cart and a Premature Deploy

Today was big and full. I’m tired, so here’s a list for you. Bullet points are less intimidating.

  • I crashed our application today by accidentally deploying to Production rather than my localhost. Oops. But then I fixed it and felt all cool with my mad Linux skillz.
  • I’m staying out at my friend’s farm, and this morning I woke up to giggling girls downstairs, local organic bacon and fresh bread, fresh carrot/ginger juice, friendly German shepherd dogs, showtunes, and the nicest snowy upstate NY vista you could hope for.
  • Within 12 hours, I asked for and got $5000 from my bank for a new car. Frightening.
  • I helped my friend’s daughter watch Sesame Street.
  • I helped my employer research how to sell animal sounds for Second Life folks. Advice welcome.
  • I drove out to Amish country in a veggie oil-burning truck and saw a tractor museum while helping my friends pick up a forklift that they bought on Ebay.
  • We got pulled over for speeding, but were let go because the cop liked the veggie oil truck.
  • I waved at Amish children playing in the street with a Shetland pony cart.
  • I watched the sun set behind as a mile-long V of migrating geese flew overhead.
  • My cow-orkers grilled outside at lunch for the first time. Someone brought venison. Fun was had.
  • The pond outside my work window froze last night, and dozens of geese spent the day sliding on the ice with huge leathery feet.
  • I received a kind text message.
  • I set up my new laptop.
  • I helped make a timeline for an NSDL grant.
  • I patronized a 4-H bake sale and volunteered to do a beekeeping talk.
  • I learned that rolling back to a previous version in Subversion is a pain.
  • I stopped taking pain meds and the Frankensteinian curved laceration on my right shoulder has proven to be no trouble at all.

Goodnight. More adventures tomorrow as I travel to Pennsylvania to pick up a car and my motorcycle learners permit.

Stay tuned.

4 Replies to “Amish Pony Cart and a Premature Deploy”

  1. Motorcycle?

    Do I sense the influence of one Chuck Firment, provider of loaner motorcycles and rides?

  2. You’ve probably done it already – but, for your Second Life sounds, here’s what to do:

    Get a ‘magic box’ (vendor) from and another one from . Rez them in-world.

    Whilst in-world, put your sounds into prims (or all in one prim, if you’re selling a bunch of them). Make sure you set appropriate permissions on the sound and the prim itself.

    Name the prim, take it back into inventory, then put a copy into each of your vendors.

    Back in First Life, list your new items for sale with SLExchange and SLBoutique.

    Sit back & wait for the Lindens to magically appear in your account.

    Unless your sounds have been lovingly crafted using a full philharmonic orchestra at your own expense, please consider giving them away for free (or charging a tiny price)! Second Life is more fun for everyone during its less-profiteering phases.

    Cheers, Cherry :)

  3. Motorcycle?! Woo! Cool! You will have to take me for rides when you get one. :)

    I would like a mororcycle very much (lower gas bills!) but since I just finished paying off my car, I cannot justify immeadietly taking on another vehicle loan.

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