bendoverbackwards.jpgOne more blizzard. One last blizzard. There have been storms since I returned, in one form or another. The snow is a fact. The storm is a fact.

Un-ignorable when you need to drive/shovel/haul wood.

By blizzard, I mean: Sideways snow total-white zero-detail pixelation of horizon, foreground, sky, and earth.

By shovel, I mean: The taller-than-me pile of shoveled/plowed effluent framing the driveway.

By haul wood, I mean: To keep the house warm.

By drive, I mean: My sexy rental car. To replace the Nissan I slid into a guardrail during the LAST blizzard.

I’m going to plunge into the snow for a few hours, shovel it into submission, and face the evening. Wish me luck.

3 Replies to “Hellasnow”

  1. Here we stay in New England instead of tromping off to Hawaii because if you open up the inside of a computer after living for a year in Hawaii you’ll find two things we don’t have inside our computers in New Hampshire: mold and rust.

  2. luck!! Does this mean you’re not working? You should come live in Hawaii, weather here is humid, rainy, and muggy…no snow. But then we don’t get days off for blizzards.

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