Farce, fiasco

Drunken blogging is ALWAYS a good idea.
I had minor surgery today, removing a non-dangerous-kind tumor from my shoulder. So, anesthetics. And beer, which also helps.

Want to lose a pound? There’s no faster way.

I’m taking tomorrow off work to search for a car and get my shit together. It’s been one hell of a week. Hell being the operative word.

Here’s some good stuff:

  • new laptop. macbook duo 2gig ram. eat my processing dirt.
  • friends.
  • tattoo. I’m gonna have one hell of a scar. Researching scar-covering tats is keeping me entertained. There are some wicked literary tattoos out there.
  • drunk. did I mention drunk?

Love ye all. Thanks for support.

8 Replies to “Farce, fiasco”

  1. I am with Alexis. I am not very fond of needles but I must say that the Wrinkle in Time tats are very tempting.

  2. Being new this thing called blogging, I would have to agree. It’s bad enough trying to get your head around everyday life, but at least there are some out there who can find some humour to lighten up the day.

  3. I love the Wrinkle in Time tattoos. It never occurred to me that you could get tattoos of your favorite characters or illustrations in books. Now I’m kind of tempted. (And I’ve always said I’d never get one, so that’s saying a lot.)

  4. You are a most charming surgically recovering drunk. May your pounding head displace the pain from your surgery.

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