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  1. I have a Second Life avatar. And I found several libraries.
    More importantly, I found the Steampunk islands.

    Course, not having anyone to play with, it’s not that much fun.

  2. I ran into Stephen Whelan at the Ontario Library Conference and he said he is building a whole library in Second Life.


  3. Unfortunately, I had to quit my job as a librarian and seek employment in the private sector to afford a computer fast enough to become a Second Life librarian. *wry grin*

  4. This sounds and looks extremely dangerous.I saw a movie once about an on-line game and if you didn’t know the answer you were hunted until you lost your head! Get back to reality girl! Face the real world.

  5. Ok. Y’all convinced me. I’m checking it out. You guys and your early adoption of new technologies!

  6. Are we cool or what?

    We definitely are! If you get an avatar, you can visit the library I’ve been working on .

  7. I have tried Second Life and while I see how it could be fun & cool, my computer apparently doesn’t. I don’t have a super-fast processor or enough memory or something, because everything in SL goes *really* slow and then usually crashes.

    Or maybe that’s just me :) But I want to be “cool” and “hip.” I could try again. I think my avatar is naked still?

  8. You are so not the only one, Jessica. I have no clue what is going on in SL. If you’re really interested, SL published a book about the game. I think it has basics about the game to help newcomers find their way. If I try to play it again, I may buy the book to help me out.

  9. Erica, Girlfriend—where you been?! You must have a decent First Life to have missed out on all the SL stuff. Just do a Google search “Second life library” and you’ll find info and discussion (heated and rah-rah) aplenty.

  10. OK, I feel like there’s something wrong with me: I have tried Second Life a few times now, and I just don’t get it. I wander around…. I don’t get it. I’m obviously doing something wrong and missing the point. I want to get it, because everyone talks about it like it’s loads of fun. Is it because I am not a gamer or sci/fi/fantasy person that I don’t understand this?

  11. It is totally true. The folks who are spearheading some of the major initiatives are out of the Alliance Library System in Illinois, which is a sister system to mine, Lincoln Trail Libraries System, also in Illinois. The SL librarian stuff happens on InfoIsland.

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