Advantages to dating Librarians

The webcomic xkcd has the goods on librarians this week:
The Advantages to Dating Librarians

It’s true. It’s so so true. The librarian Achilles Heel.

Geeks: check out the alt tags for more funny.

6 Replies to “Advantages to dating Librarians”

  1. Though I’m not a librarian, I let out a quiet moan when I saw the third panel and realized what was happening.

    Too many formative years spent under the covers with a flashlight, I guess.

    In other news, the LibrarianAvengers comment spam filter likes me again. :)

  2. Hi Erica,

    I’m in Flint, too! Working at Baker College Library — woo hoo! How are the cats coping with the move? I hope they aren’t too stressed!

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