You were born in the year of the Dragon, during the month of the Dragon. You are a Double Dragon. Thus, your life will be like a terrible Allisya Milano film vehicle: badly written and full of kung-fu. aries.gif

Your birthday today was a symbolic rebirth. The snow falling on the Northeastern states was a baptism. You will awaken tomorrow and find that your apartment has been cleaned, you’ve learned Icelandic, and you can sing Etta James without cracking the final key-change.

A month has passed, Aries, since you re-framed your life. As the weeks go by and your brain reboots, put your trust in the words of Walter.

This is not ‘Nam. This is bowling. There are rules.

10 Replies to “Aries”

  1. Best birthday wishes! Being at the other end of the month puts me in the bull category, year of the Horse.
    Come visit baltimore for bowling at Seidel’s
    -duckpin bowling and a concert at the same time. Saw Johnny Dowd of “Searching for the Wrong-eyed Jesus” fame, live, on a stage in the middle of the lanes, as people bowled on either side. Surprisingly good sound quality considering. Bowling has rules, duckpins is plain evil. Reframing your life? a concert in a bowling alley will put new perspective on anything. And it’s warmer here, kinda.

  2. Hey even Nam’ had rules!

    Thats how people stayed alive.

    Happy very belated birthday.


  3. Are you seriously an Aries born in a dragon year…I am too…..and a Librarian. Happy birthday.
    Haven’t posted before but am a fellow librarian and remember your essay. Later

  4. An Aries, eh? Hm…everyone knows that Leos are the best star signs with positivity abound. By the way, Happy 30th! You’re just a young’n! I turn 37 this year — god, time for botox and restylane!

  5. Happy Birthday! Well done on the horoscope writing, I wanted to know where I could click to get mine.

  6. can you write my horoscope? i was thinking of getting one done, but i was afraid that it would mess up my life.

    happy bday

  7. Heh. Yesterday was my birthday. My Google homepage has one of those “your daily horoscope” things.

    I thought I’d take a crack at writing one.

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