Three things I learned from migrating a WordPress site over to GoDaddy

Erica! Where ya been?
Glad you asked.

credit.jpgI’ve been off avenging. Specifically, I’ve been avenging the less-than-impressive webhosting capacity of my former ISP-who-shall-remain-nameless. I switched to GoDaddy recently, and spent a good amount of time cleaning everything up, updating, and migrating my databases. I also spent a good amount of time berating the salesman about GoDaddy’s stupid ads which seem to assume no women could possibly be potential customers. Can you say heteronormativity? GoDaddy sure as hell can.

Three things I learned from migrating a self-hosted WordPress site over to GoDaddy:

  1. You’re going to need a static IP address if you want to get everything set up and see how the site looks before switching over your domain name. Otherwise you can’t test your WP install and that my friends is playing with fire.
  2. You’re going to want to do it quickly, otherwise you will lose people’s comments and you’ll have to keep going back and re-uploading the database. So no slackin’.
  3. If you are using OS X (why would you use anything else? silly monkey.), Apple’s native ftp application Fetch is actually really good at grabbing entire directories and recursing them without a lot of permissions/ok buttons to deal with.

So here’s the new site, just like the old site but with better traffic-handling ability and more prominent text-link ads. Yay!
*Thanks sponsors! My car payment thanks you! My cat thanks you! My landlord thanks you!

3 Replies to “Three things I learned from migrating a WordPress site over to GoDaddy”

  1. Hi Erica,

    As a guy, I gotta say Go Daddy’s ads bug me, too. I guess they didn’t bug either of us enough to not go with them, but still. They could and should clean that up some.

    But then I’m one of those rare freaks who just doesn’t really “get” how sex sells. I mean, I can see how sex sells sex, but not computers or web hosting or cars….

  2. I migrated my site to GoDaddy about a year ago. Generally I have been happy, but their shared hosting can get very slow. Also, their MySQL databases fail completely for about ten hours at a time every few months.

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