10 Replies to “Modern Romance”

  1. For fun, you can always add as many strange relationships with people as you can think of. It always confuses someone!

  2. ok that’s adorable… I just flipped the “in a relationship” bit, which has it’s own modern love fun :)

  3. Facebook is hazardous ground for this kind of thing. Did you hear the story of the couple who decided to take their relationship status off Facebook (making it private — what a concept!), prompting everyone in their social circle to believe they had broken their engagement?

    I decided a few years ago that indicating who I was ‘friends’ with was fine because ‘friend’ is such an ambiguous term online, but that I never wanted to have to go through the experience of removing a romantic relationship from my profile. It was bad enough back in web 1.0 when I found myself having to do that on a webpage, and that was when I decided ‘no more of this’.

  4. Kristi,

    I believe it’s like friend requests: if you send one that isn’t accepted, you simply get no reply. If you try asking again, it says that you already made a request.

  5. That’s hilarious. The Web 2.0 version of First Grade romance, where someone has to check a box saying if they want to be your boyfriend/girlfriend.

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