7 Replies to “To the Car I Rented to get to Trader Joe’s:”

  1. David. You Moron. It’s Cat Litter. There’s no reason it shouldn’t be in the front seat. And if the passenger air bag blows, too bad– it’s not her car, what does she care? Except, that if she’s T-boned, having more air-bagging rather than less would probably be a good thing.
    Best thing is to disable the air bag, buckle up the cat litter, and ditch the Toyota and find a nice, early 90s Volvo 240, and move yourself and the cat litter into that, free of the miseries that attend front wheel drive, free of annoying voices, buzzers and bells, free of the hazards posed by too many air bags. You’d be much better off.

  2. Oh good lord, i get so annoyed when my Toyota beeps to notify my that my big ol’ book bag isn’t buckled in snuggly.

    I just buckle the seatbelt, and then toss bags of dog food and books and potted palms onto the front seat with impunity.

  3. Oh, thanks for the morning laugh. I just visualized that air bag deploying to save a bag of cat litter.

  4. Most new Toyotas have weight sensors in the passenger seat. If it detects something heavy enough to be a person, if flashes the seat belt light. It’s pretty annoying. (Not for me, tho. I have a Ford.)

  5. Then you should not have put it on the front passenger seat, but on the floor. I have the same thing with my computer backpack in my new Corolla too. It’s a “safety” thing.

    You know, if you leave the litter on the seat, and are, in fact, in an accident, then the passenger airbag will deploy to save the litter.

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