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bernallib.pngI visited my local Bernal Heights library branch this afternoon, in search of a place to sit and read. It turned out to be one of the last weeks the building is open before it closes for an extensive renovation. On a kid-filled sunny spring Saturday, the current building gives the impression of being a community center rather than a library, with more conversations, computers, and chaos than visible books.

I’m looking forward to the new design. The neighborhood obviously is drawn to the location, which swirls with families out walking dogs and babies.

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Things I’m currently researching…

  • Wedding venues in the Detroit area that are:
    • Non-religious
    • Interesting-looking or unusual
    • Cheap, cheap, cheap!
  • Things to do in Brighton, UK
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Cat grooming (did you know you can use baby powder to make your cat less itchy?)
  • Better WordPress plugins (I’m playing with a new Twitter sidebar)
  • Management jobs in SF for my sweetie Chuck this summer

7 Replies to “Library Tourism”

  1. I’m a librarian in Michigan. I recommend the Arboretum in Ann Arbor–very cheap and pretty for a wedding (but only in the summer, sigh.) I got married at The Dearborn Inn, and I wanted to get married at Greenfield Village–but they’re not cheap.

  2. Hello! I stumbled across this blog randomly. I am a library science student who lives near Detroit and has spent a month or so in Brighton UK. I recommend definately going to the Pavillion, and hang out on the Pier. Also. go visit the nearby historic town of Lewes. It’s beautiful! Just a short train ride away. Lot’s more things I can’t remember right now.
    I have friends who were recently married at the Botanical Gardens in Ann Arbor. It’s really nice and not too pricy.
    Good luck!

  3. I used to live in Bernal Heights (and before that on Mission and 18th). I visited the Bernal Heights library often. This was back in the early ’90s. I do miss it. Thanks for bringing me lovely memories.


  4. For something a bit different – take a bus out to Devil’s Dyke and wander the South Downs – it’s chalk downs – pretty unusual countryside. Also consider a daytrip to Fishbourne to see the Roman Palace.

  5. Head straight for the Lanes in Brighton. Do not pass go, do not collect £200. And just lose yourself in their twisty-turny fabulousness. Then when you’re done find yourself a fish n’chip shop, order the full works, with white bread and thick butter and a cup of their strongest tea and enjoy! Is a fantastic place, you’ll love it :o)

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