More Second Life employee Rap Battles

Oh yes. The IRC Rap Battles continue at Linden Lab, creators of Second Life. My friend Bridie is in town, and we decided to bitchslap some suckah MCs…

I got so much chips I swear they call me Hewlett Packard
I got so much chips you can have a bag if you’re a snacker

Running on energy I stole from Half-Life
Too dark to see gotta use my keyboard backlight
Preying on newbies / I like to watch them break down
Running with Bridie / We start the grid they take down

Aww. Aw yeah.

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2 Replies to “More Second Life employee Rap Battles”

  1. Sounds pretty cool. I’d like to do a performance in Second Life. Someday… :) Cool blog, this was my first visit.

  2. Hey, does Erica Linden have SL Office Hours on the main grid? I’m known as Eloise Runningbear on SL. Hope to see your avatar one day!

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