Happy Fathers Day

This is my dad, the best joker in the world.

Who else would dance to “Re: Your Brains” (Jonathan Coulton’s Zombie song) at his daughter’s wedding?

My dad, the legally blind man who taught me to drive a stick shift.

This is the guy who plopped me in front of a VIC-20 when I was 5 years old and taught me LOGO.

He kept Adobe font catalogs and WIRED magazine around the house, inspiring a lifelong love of design and geekery.

I owe him most of my bad jokes, and all of my pedanticism.

It’s a good life. Thanks Dad!

2 Replies to “Happy Fathers Day”

  1. I am very proud of her, her many and varied accomplishments, and also for her choice of a husband. Oh, yes. She learned to drive a straight stick on a five speed transmission.

    Thanks you for the kind words, Kid. I love you.

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