Mouse! In the house!

mousie.jpgCaterwauling at five AM, running and thumping. The cats have found a mouse, but don’t know what to do with it. The mouse is golfball-sized and terrified. Plover has trapped it in the fireplace and taps it gently with his paw. I grab a plastic bowl and prepare to clap it over the mouse. He makes a desperate escape into the cupboard. I apologize to the cat for mistrusting him. He’s been scratching at this cupboard for several days. The mouse is gone. The cats stare for awhile, then curl up in a ball together on the couch, grooming each other in congratulatory triumph at their splendid adventure.

4 Replies to “Mouse! In the house!”

  1. Must be mouse season. I’ve been battlin’ them here in Hawai’i for the past 3-4 weeks.

    As a person who is unable to kill non-human animals, except for centipedes and praying mantis, I was in a real quandary as to deal with the situation.

    Unfortunately, I finally did have to resort to WMD (Weapons of Mouse Destruction).

    I won’t go into what I did here in your blog. Maybe I’ll write a story about it in mine just so I can get into a verbal wrestling match with animal rights activists who know absolutely nothing about me.

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