George W? Not in my backyard

I’m really torn. Should I take a vacation day to attend the Republican National Convention protest? Yes, of course I should. Friend Scott and I wanna join up with the Billionaires for Bush. We’ll strut around the Free Speech Zone with canes and top hats, and carry signs that say: “More Blood for Oil” and “The Poor are just JEALOUS, darling!”

Does anybody know if any librarian affinity groups are going? Perhaps a radical reference gang? We could all don our best “librarian” outfits and form a Book Bloc! Dozens of librarians in cardigans and sensible shoes decrying the Patriot Act! It would be beautiful…

Also, an administrative note: the webforums will be down for a few more days. The database is currently sitting on my desk in a box. I’m reinstalling and recreating the whole thing. I’m sorry, but once again real life has taken the reins. Installing new gutters and painting the downstairs office gets done first. It’s not that I don’t love you, it’s just that I love my foundation more.

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  1. You should have gone to the A31 attack on Johnny Cash at Sothebies Load up the old ladies Depends(TM)!. It was great, they really poured on the scorn on the deceased and on the little old GOP ladies who really had to “depends” on the police (if you know what I mean).

    All the good will and help that the protestestes gave to the Anti-Bush pro-hate lobby has propelled the Great Leader to new hights of glory. Oh the humanity! and then there was the new revelations of Kerry

    Kerry was a child killer in Vietnam (oh my!)John Kerry kills somebody.

    My new Campaighn slogan

    Bush/Kerry ’04 we’ll all need four more beers!

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