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Sorry I haven’t updated in a few weeks. I’ve been busy downloading music from this quasi-legal Russian mp3 site. But not at work (hi library colleagues). And there was some vacation involved. And dog-sitting. And basement wall dry-locking.

Speaking of the theft of intellectual property, at work recently I’ve been looking at online digital collections and identifying nifty interface elements we can borrow for the cataloging/digital library software we’ve been making. There’s some pretty rad stuff out there.

I’ve been liking the NYPL’s Picture Collection Online, in spite of it’s bass-akwards name. (Adjective Adjective NOUN, people. We don’t call you the Public Library New York, do we?) Plus, it’s the only library search interface I’ve seen to contain the word “bollicky” in the source code.

You all might know about this already, but coolperson Marguerita clued me in to the new TNT movie “The Librarian“. Unless April fools came early this year. Or USA Today isn’t a legitimate news source…

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  1. NYPL’s Picture Collection Online is called that, I believe, because it is the NYPL Picture Collection’s Online version. “Picture Collection” is a compound noun. Picture Collection is its name — as a unit of NYPL currently housed in the Mid-Manhattan Library Center branch. To call it the Online Picture Collection would imply it’s a collection of pictures that happen to be online, not the same thing, and sorta sounds like it’s a new thing without a connection to an actual physical entity. And if you’re wondering, I’m a NYPL librarian. :) Nice blog, btw.

  2. Upon reading the article, I’d be more impressed if this “Librarian” fellow had mastered both Dewey AND LC. Expecially if he is working on what I assume is a large collection of realia…

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