5 Replies to “Best. Excuse. Ever.”

  1. Our favorite Indian place in town is a nut-free facility, because the owner’s son has a nut allergy. We were getting dinner there, and apparently the new chef was just a good mood and wanted to make the mint chutny extra yummy, so he added ground almonds without telling anyone. I’m not allergic to almonds, but they were pretty heavily cross-contaminated in the factory with other nuts, so I had a bad reaction.

    I’m really fun to eat out with.

    The owners were horrified and apologetic. We felt bad for causing trouble and depressing the happy cook. It’s still our favorite restaurant. These things happen.

  2. Oh Please God, say that isn’t you in the pic. If so, you look like death warmed over, as my mother, raised in the south, used to say…

  3. Ooh, nut allergy! You’re not the only librarian who bears that curse. Hope we don’t represent the start of a trend.

    “Well, honey, the epinephrine helped: I think the swelling in my throat is going down, but my heart’s about to pound right through my ribs.”

    Not fun. I’ve seen fun – that ain’t it.

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