Escape from Flint

Last night I drove back to Ithaca from my hometown of Flint, MI. I had Great Expectations on tape, and Dickens’ verbosity helped get me through the nine-hour drive without plowing into someone out of sheer boredom. Flint was unexpectedly fun. I got to see my favorite old gang, and their cute new kids. Downtown’s been sexed up a bit, with some lighted arches and a cobblestone overhaul. The best thing downtown is Flint City T-Shirts, my friend Matt’s new shop. I got an “I heart MI” shirt, and Erin got one that says “Flint: Baddest town around since 1855.”

Things I missed while I was in Flint (Good)

  • Snoop Dogg asking Cornellians “Can U Control Yo Hoe?” (more on misogyny in hip hop)
  • Slope day snowfences
  • Cat barfing

Things I missed while I was in Flint (Bad)

  • Beezoo and Lexie delivering brownies at work
  • Tulips blooming in spite of the damn deer (curse you deer!)
  • International dance festival (opa!)

Things I did while in Flint

  • Ate assloads of coneys. Pretty much literally.
  • Went to Wal-mart twice with parents. Bought nothing. Washed off corporate slime afterward.
  • Gave driving tour of expensive public works projects that were going to “save Flint”
  • Tamale night at Erin’s grandma’s
  • Mourned the death of Angelo’s. The walls are bare. They have wheat toast. The waitress called my friend “sir.” It’s over.
  • Three-hour gossip session with everyone’s favorite Joel
  • Got asked out by skeevy Australian waiter while at Olive garden with mom.
  • Introduced parents to veggi burger. Ate chicken in exchange.

In other news, Wendy at Poundy describes the Seattle Public Library most aptly.
Store Wars should tip you over your monthly bandwidth quota nicely. Headphones required. Organic and work-safe.

13 Replies to “Escape from Flint”

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  2. hello, im wondreing if you or anyone else knows any myths or misconceptions about flint?

  3. Its Erica’s PUBLIC blog…therefore inviting and allowing commentary on her posts. Reguardless of whether one may agree or disagree…tis the nature of the blog.

  4. A person who may have found something nice about you..and aknowledged that in a friendly called ‘skeevy’ by you? because he doesnt fit your criteria of someone worthy of giving you attention?
    Your not only self absorbed, youre mean. This is a world of the most unfriendly..perpetuated by persons such as yourself..

  5. Well, hello anonymous, you brave thing. Thanks for the lovely note. Your charming waiter friend followed my mom and I to the door and asked if I wanted to go out with him later. But I guess that was just me being all fat and self-absorbed.

  6. Um…I know the waiter…and dont flatter yourself…neither is he sleazy, he didnt ask you out..Youre a bit too thick for his taste..noting from your photo posted..If anything he was being his friendly self and you are self absorbed.

  7. Sorry ’bout the national type-o, Aussie Librarian, but it got you to comment, so it was worth it!

  8. Hi, sorry to hear about the skeevy waiter, but you need to know that his nationality is spelt “Australian”. BTW, it surprises me not that ex-pat Aussie waiters can be sleazy. You should see them in situ.
    From: an Australian Librarian.

  9. Now just a minute. Are you talking about Angelo’s in Ann Arbor? They’ve had wheat toast since I was a kid.

  10. Hey – I’m from Flint, too! Is Angelo’s really gone? I just can’t believe it!

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