I’m liveblogging from the WDIL web conference, conveniently held where I work. I got shanghaied into this. I just wanted to meet the Wikipedia guy, but somehow I ended up going to the entire thing.

I’m no huge fan of conferences, as a rule. Usually the signal-to-noise ratio is insanely low, and I’ve got the attention span of a gnat when it comes to listening to ill-prepared speakers. Mercifully, coworker Rafe loaned me the office laptop, which is running Ubuntu, a very cool flavor of Linux, so I’ll be talking to you guys all day.

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  1. Hi rgscarter, that sounds like a fun conference. Canadian archivists rock, and I’ve always wanted to see Saskatoon.

    OMG, I heart Brewster Kahle. My friend Rarin’ Schicter and I were going to throw our undies on stage the last time he visited the University of Michigan School of Information, but security was too tight.

    This conference isn’t too bad so far. It’s got a great crowd of education and museum webgeeks, which bodes well.

  2. Perhaps you have need to go to only to cool conferences (not that I think WDIL is particularly uncool: for all I know it may be rocking) – like those held by archivists. Last week was the annual Association of Canadian Archivists conference held in Saskatoon, aka “The Paris of the Prairies”. One of the guest speakers this year was Brewster Kahle – he is such a rock star. I could barely contain my joy when I heard he was coming and he didn’t disappoint. And our dances are the envy of all information professionals, to boot.
    Hope you have fun.

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