Conference part two

Cornell catering is trying to kill me. Every single entree or snack for every meal so far has contained nuts. Peanut chicken on a stick last night, pesto (with pine nuts!), nutty granola for breakfast, and peanut-laced snack bars at the break. I’m trying to suck the nutrition out of a cold cup of mint tea.

We’re starting up again. Ohboy PowerPoint! Constructivist learning theories? Cognitive supports within software? Ok. Here goes.

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  1. All is cool if you’re ad adult, but when you have child who is life threatened everywhere she’s a bit difficult to have her feel safe in this uneducated attitude. Mommy.

  2. Oh no! The nut allergy! My partner has an allergy to tree nuts meaning peanuts are okay, as are pine nuts, and for some reason he can also eat almonds (uh.. pits??). Anyway, your story sounds familiar. Many a time he’s been told “Oh no. There’s no nuts in there” and he then spent the evening worshipping the Porcelain God. People are clueless. When you say “I’m allergic to..”, what they hear is “I dislike..”. By the way, he’s also allergic to fish, which casues a lot of glazed-over looks too. He then has to go through the “not shellfish, just fish that swim” explanation with the added hand motions of a fish swimming upstream. I guess if someone really wanted to see him suffer, they’d serve him pecan-encrusted catfish.

    So in short- yeah, keep that epipen handy!

  3. why didnt you call them and have there very talented chef make a menu just for you …Shame on you

  4. It’s crazy that they’ve served so much nut-heavy food considering airlines did away w/ peanuts and school’s often don’t allow kids to have pb&j sandwiches anymore because so many have nut allergies. I hope you informed them of the poor catering choices!

  5. Thanks for that grassroots “No-Erica-Death” movement. The conference food is still nut-heavy, but I’ve managed to avoid it so far.

    Pine nuts are not legumes, but for me, they are still Deadly Poison. Good times.

  6. Pine Nuts may not be nuts (I don’t know), but they can still kill someone with a nut alergy. I should know–my wife has the same alergy.

  7. I take you have a nut allergy so eat the pine nut pesto! pine nuts aren’t nuts! they’re seeds! yay!

  8. Please don’t allow them to kill you. You would be missed… even if I never see you again, the world is a better place with you in it.

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