Toques for Texans

It snowed in Austin, Texas yesterday. Schools and universities were closed, giving everyone an unexpected day off.

red_hat.jpgLong lonesome roads became treacherously icy. Heartbreak hotels shut down. Cacti cooled. Longhorns lost heat. Scorpions shivered.

Corrupt Texas Governor Rick Perry wasted a bunch of money.

The governor used state funds to build an outdoor stage to host his two-million dollar inauguration ceremony. When it snowed, the ceremony was moved indoors, and the stage was torn down unused.

Today, Texas teachers return to their elementary school classes, many of which are held in trailers that supplement tiny school buildings.

I’ll say one thing for New York State, we may not have the biggest cows, or the biggest hats, but we’ve got the damned biggest snowplows you’ve ever seen.

Adios, y’all.

3 Replies to “Toques for Texans”

  1. NYS is much maligned, but the state, counties and municipalities do come through with the snow removal. mayeb in my life, three snow days, save the Buffalo Blizzard of ’77!

  2. One of the real bummers about going to college in Syracuse – no snow days. EVER. Because those damn plows were ALWAYS ready.

    Seems to me like Texas should have voted for Kinky.

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