worker antI’m home sick with some sort of sniffy sneezy cold thing. I tried going to work yesterday but my contant snorfing made me a bit self-conscious in my four-person office. I kept getting those "You’d best not be contagious" looks that one gets from coworkers in these situations. So I went home and slept for 16 hours.  Today I hauled myself downstairs to the computer and realized that my blog comment spam software has been running in super-zealous mode, so some of your comments might have gotten held up. My apologies. I’ve punished the software appropriately – it’s not allowed to access my Itunes network for the next week. Bad software.

Speaking of software, I’ve just become addicted to Pandora, the internet radio software that tailors its playlist based on the Music Genome Project. It’s in beta right now, so you can request a free account. One of the worst things about being sick is I’m too lazy to get up and change the cd, so this is great. I typed in White Stripes and got back Belle and Sebastion, And You will Know us by the Trail of Dead, and Nick Cave. Not bad. I’m also too lazy to stick this entry in the spellchecker, just so you know.

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